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 Hi there and welcome to our help desk! You do not need to sign up to use this handy help desk, but if you would like to keep track of a request, or submit your comments and feedback, we invite you to.

 We know this may be your first time using our service, or maybe you're returning with some new questions. We'd like to assure you that customer service is our highest priority, so if you need a quick answer, feel free to call us at (800) 608-2811.  We are open from 8:30 AM, to 5:30 PM (EST), Monday - Friday.

 The forums panel on the right side of this page shows our three most common types of requests. We have a range of different answers for those getting started with our service, for those redeeming their download card, and for those you are setting up or managing their Dropcards account.

 If you do not see an answer you are looking for, submit a request to our customer service center at anytime by clicking Submit a Request on the navigation above. We are not shy, so if you decide to call, our number again is (800) 608-2811.    



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