When I enter my code it says "Invalid" or 'Expired".

Dropcards typically expire after 2 years.  If you receive an "invalid" or "expired" message the card may be expired.   Otherwise, double check your access code and make sure you are entering it correctly.  An "Invalid Code" message can also occur if there is an incorrect character entered.

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    Dropcards & smartyPass Customer Support

    If you are getting a message that your Access Code is not valid,  please check the following:

        -Your code should be a 10 digit alpha/numeric code
        -Look carefully at any digits that are "8", "B", "G", and "6" as these are easily mixed up at a glance.
        -Our codes do not include "0," "1" or any vowels (A, E, I, O, U).
        -The codes do not include any special characters (@,#,$,%)
       -Enter the code exactly as it appears - without any dashes or spaces.

    I hope this helps!

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