Getting to know Dropcards - FAQ

What are Dropcards?

Dropcards are download cards.  They are high-quality, gift card shaped plastic cards printed with your own custom artwork, a website address and a unique access code to unlock digital downloads.

How do Dropcards work?

Dropcards are printed with your custom artwork on the front and download instructions on the back.  The instructions tell cardholders to visit a URL and enter their unique access code on the landing page to unlock their downloads.

What’s included when I order Dropcards?

Each order includes your custom download cards, 500mb of hosting, a basic landing page or download manager to place right on your own website, and 2 years of customer support.

And How Much Do they Cost?

The price is based on the quantity of Dropcards you would like to order.  The price per unit get’s lower as you order more cards.  There is a $49 set-up fee on all orders under 5000 units. We do not include shipping, but can estimate it based on your zip code and delivery speed.

How long does it take to get my Dropcards from the time I order them?

You will receive a proof within 1 business day of placing your order online.  We then ship 5 business days from your proof approval.  Standard ground shipping in the USA takes about 3-5 days.

Orders of 25,000 or more may take some more time.

We try to accommodate all rush projects without having to charge an additional fee but sometimes it may be unavoidable. It is recommended that if you need your order by a certain date that you contact us in advance to let us know.

How Do I Get Started?

The first step is signing up for a free Dropcards account.   Go to and click Sign Up in the upper right hand corner of the page. Your Dropcards account is your primary tool for setting up and managing new projects, uploading media, setting up your landing page, and of course ordering Dropcards.   We are happy to walk you through the set up process, just give us a call!

What do I need to place an order?

a) A Dropcards account, which includes your new project’s details.
b) Your Dropcards artwork.
c) Shipping, Billing and Payment Info.

How Do I Design My Dropcard™? What Goes On The Back?

If you are ordering our standard Dropcards, you can download a template from our website at   By creating your art in the template, our production team will be able to produce the exact placement and scale of your art.  Our templates include a handy art checklist for setting up files for print.

The card back includes standard instructions on redeeming the card.  Our team will plug in the URL you have chosen to use if you do not decide to customize it.   You can decide to customize the back if you do not want to use the standard design.

Can You Help Me Design The Card?

Yes we can. We have a full graphic design department that can help you with designing your cards and website.

Do I have to use your URL, on my cards?

You can choose to embed our download manager on your own website.  The process is as simple as embedding a YouTube video on your website.  If you are familiar with basic html, you can do it. 

We do not recommend embedding your widget on any social networking sites due to the fact that their terms and conditions vary, and you have little if no control over the page if they decide to remove your widget.

Do the people redeeming my Dropcards have to sign up for anything?

People do not have to sign up an account to redeem their Dropcard.

Can I Collect Information About Users Who Redeem Their Card?

Sure. At the default we can prompt users to enter their email address before redeeming your media and, using IP tracking technology can show you where your users are redeeming from. We can make this data collection mandatory or optional for your cardholders. If you would like us to develop a custom survey or questionnaire to collect any further information, please contact us for a custom quote. Please keep in mind that the more information that users must enter to redeem their card, the less likely they are to complete the process.

What if people redeeming my Dropcards have questions or problems?

That's what we're here for. All landing pages and embeddable download managers have a customer service link to assist users who may have questions redeeming their cards. That link takes them to a page where a Dropcards customer service representative will be happy to cure what ails them.

What Types Of Media Can I Add To My Dropcard™?

If it exists, we can deliver it. Seriously. MP3, WAV, WMA, FLAC, MPG, AVI, JPG, PDF, EXE, the sky's the limit. Feel free to add music, movies, photos and applications to your Dropcard™.

Do Dropcards Expire?

At default, most cards are set to expire after two years. The project start date and expiration date, however, can be set to whenever you'd like by editing the Project Details in your account.

I Am From (Insert Country Here). Do Dropcards™ work here? Will you ship here?

Yes and yes. Dropcards™ work anywhere you can access the internet and we will ship anywhere that FedEx will travel.  In order to estimate shipping we just need the quantity of cards you’d like and your shipping address.

I Want To Sell My Cards. Can I Do That?

Sure you can. We do not take any portion of your card sales just as a CD manufacturer would not take a portion of your CD sales. They are yours to do as you wish.

Do you guys report to Soundscan?

We can report to Soundscan upon request for qualifying orders of 5000 units or more.  We ask that customers complete a form prior to the beginning of the project start date for approval.

Can I Track My Dropcard™ Redemptions?

Yup. Login to your Dropcards™ account and click on "Reports" to view all of your redemption stats in real time.

What if I want a custom shape or have an idea for a project I may not see on your website?

We’re all ears.  Explain the project in detail and one of our account managers will contact you with our feedback.

We can make a custom Dropcard in any shape that you'd like. Pricing depends on a number of factors such as quantity, size and shape so request a quote or give us a buzz with what you have in mind and we'll get it rolling.

I use a different company for my hosting. Can I send you the codes to print on my Dropcards?

Yup. While our Dropcards platform is our pride and joy, we've been printing plastic cards for close to 14 years now and have done so for major digital music stores, web developers, and retailers.  We partner with companies like Topspin, Bandcamp, and Soundcloud so feel free to use us for your printing needs.

 Do You Have An Affiliate Or Reseller Program?

Yes we do. While we flesh it all out, it is currently on an invitation-only basis but if you'd like to be part of our program or want to tell us all about how you're going to make us all rich, we'd love to hear it.


Seriously, I'm Not Going To Read All Of These Questions. Can I Just Call You?!?!

YES!!! Please do! We pride ourselves on having assembled one of the best teams in the business, comprised of music and entertainment industry pros, experienced marketers, and advanced web developers and graphic designers. We love to put all of that knowledge and experience to good use. Reach out via any of the methods listed in our "Contact" section.

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