Pre-Sell Your Album With Dropcards

Pre-selling an album is one of the easiest ways to generate a buzz and get fans excited about your new record.  Selling a download card puts the album in your fans hand before it’s even available. It also gives you time to plan your pre-sale strategy and reward your fans along the way. 

The key to a good pre-sale is to carefully plan ahead and send a clear message to your fans about the perks of pre-ordering. What’s included? For example, our client Bullet For My Valentine included a free video of the making of one of their songs to insentivize the pre-order of their album Fever.  By using a Dropcard they were able to give fans a “key” they could use to unlock the album download later.

Here are some other ideas to consider:

  • Sell your pre-order Dropcard as part of a merch package.
  • Give your fans a discount for buying the album early.
  • Include bonus material on the Dropcard that will not be on the record.
  • Use the Dropcard for the album download as well a fan club card for discounts at shows.
  • Make the Dropcard a VIP pass for your album release show.


Take it from bands like The Word Alive, Eisley, Bullet For My Valentine, The Hold Steady and Kylesa.  Pre-orders are the way to go.  For ideas and tips, give us a call or shoot us an email.  We’d be happy to help you plan your next pre-order with Dropcards.

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